Meet Joshua

Eastside Values

As a thirty-year Eastside resident and parent of two children in the Issaquah School District,  Joshua knows the community and what it needs to continue having an excellent judiciary. While in high school and college, he worked his way through school at a food service job, and later taught Sunday school for 10 years. He earned a spot in the Running Start Program and attended Bellevue Community College for 2 years before transferring to the University of Washington where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors at age 19. He  then attended the University of Washington Law School, where he became the first student to achieve dual concentration tracks of study in both Intellectual Property and Health Care Law. 

Devoted Public Servant

After obtaining both his undergraduate and Juris Doctor degrees at the UW, Joshua became a public defender to use his law degree to help those who needed it most. He has paid it forward by mentoring and supervising several law students who were Rule 9 interns, volunteering to coach the Skyline High School mock trial team, and serving on the board of the Bellevue College Foundation. 

Following many years of successful legal practice, Joshua ran for the Issaquah City Council and served two elected terms from 2008 - 2015. As a member of the council, Joshua chaired the Eastside Transportation Partnership, sponsored the Eastside's only legislation ensuring recyclable or compostable packaging at restaurants, and passed multi-million dollar budgets without raising property taxes. 

Outside of work, Joshua has  judged the UW Law School Moot Court competitions for many years and started the UW Technology Law Society, which is still going strong.

He also volunteered for his daughter's t-ball games and with his son's Cub Scout troop.

Highly-Qualified Jurist

Joshua's experience includes nearly 20 years of representing clients in both civil and criminal matters, 10 years of valuable work as a Judge Pro Tem in the King County District Court, and achieving successful outcomes in each division of the Washington Court of Appeals, plus the Washington Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He has argued 5 times in the Washington Supreme Court and once in the Idaho Supreme Court. 

He's helped thousands of clients as a public defender. As a civil practitioner, he met with homeowners in-person around the state to discuss their options with lenders and provide information when the Foreclosure Fairness Act was first passed. As a pro tem, he's ruled on criminal motions, adjudicated probation reviews, and decided cases ranging from small claims to anti-harassment orders to traffic infractions.  

Schaer currently works as an attorney for Perkins Coie LLP and as a Judge Pro Tem for King County District Court.  Because of his breadth of experience and commitment to the Eastside, Joshua is ready to take on the challenge of being a District Court Judge.