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In relation to the local provincial life, the Eagle occupied a tough position The rubrics with an eloquent title were devoted to her. “Oryol affairs and affairs”and “Is it true?”. Last used original technique: in order to avoid prosecution for slander, all her messages were given in the subjunctive mood, often with a considerable amount of humor (for example: “Is it true that visitors to the tea shop NN Karachevskaya street, leaving her, move on all fours just because is it always on this street because it is called that? The gendarmerie called the “Eagle” “an exposing organ of the press of all phenomena of local urban and public life 42. Newspaper popularity It was high, and not only among the urban common people.

Circulation was 1-2 thousand copies. There was a practice of subscribing to a newspaper in a wrong name. directly, but in the name of cooks, watchmen, janitors, in extreme cases through clerical staff43. In July 1915, the newspaper’s issue was terminated by administrative governor order. Punitive measures were caused by the past

Before this, the discussion in thenewspaper “How to distinguish a Jew from a German,” accompanied by the publication of a list of Orel residents who wore German surnames, including employees of the provincial administration. The printing house was closed and set aside for the military post. With the change Governors issue “Eagle” was resumed. Another local periodical used in this work, was the “Bulletin of the Oryol Society of Agriculture” 44. Most value is a permanent section “Review of the bread market”, which the Yelets landowner, a major trader and public figure of the local scale I. Ivanyushenkov. He regularly reported on the local situation. the bread market, mainly Yelets and Liven, describing price changes and the intensity of the delivery of cereals and grains In the local history department of the library.

Bunin are handwritten Memoirs of the revolutionary-orlovtsa I.D. Musatov covering pre revolutionary period of his life45. Memories having a high literary level and sincere in spirit give interesting information about the activities of the revolutionary circle during the war. Analysis of the source base suggests that the complex of sources for its diversity, breadth of subject matter and temporal coverage is quite sufficient to solve the problems set in the thesis. The scientific novelty of the work is to highlight the little-studied military economic, socio-demographic, organizational andmanagerial, socio-political and cultural problems of the provincial history of World War I.

Their integrative understanding will allow complement and adjustthe views of historians on the impact of total war on the development of peripheral territories. Territorial boundaries of research cover Oryol Province beginning of the twentieth century, which included the modern Oryol region, as well as part of the Bryansk and Lipetsk regions. According to its natural and economic characteristics of the province belonged to the vast Central agricultural area, uniting the Ryazan, Kaluga, Kursk, Voronezh, Tambov, Penza andOryol provinces.