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The ideological opponent of Orlovsky Vestnik was the newspaper “Oryol life” the heiress of the Octobrist body “Orel speech” created in contrast to the “Bulletin” in the years I of the Russian revolution36. Getting in 1914 quite a large subsidy from the government37, “Orlovskaya zhizn” everything ceased to go out, having existed until December 31, 1915. The baton received the newspaper “Orlovsky Krai” 38, issued from March to December 1916 “Oryol life” and “Oryol region” had conservative, traditional views and stood on a firmly-patriotic position. Gendarme Office characterized them as a local official organ of the right direction.

 A distinctive feature of the local press was its immediate connection with the daily life of the region. Special sections of Oryol newspapers 34 Sleptsova, E.P. There were legends about Orlovsky Vestnik Orlovsky Vestnik, 01/06/1995. 35 GAOO, f.883, op.1, d.828, l.174-175. Characteristics of the political direction and financial situation Orlovskih newspapers. 07/04/1916. 36 Andreeva L.K., Khomenkova L.P. UK cit. P. 9. Further in the notes OZH 37 S. Karpov. At the dawn of the century: Oryol newspapers in the early twentieth century. Orlovsky Vestnik, 01/10/1995. 38 Further, in the notes OK 39 GAOO, f.883, op.1, d.828, l.174. 26 “Local Chronicle”, “Local Life”, “Along the Edge” based on messages volunteers and staff attention to the life of the counties, cities and the provincial center, reporting on the brightest events, incidents, telling about the economic life of the province.

AT the years of the war sections of the local chronicles contained mandatory regulations reports of charity events, the arrival of the wounded in the city, measures forrefugees, the receipt of food orders and fuel, the arrival of these goods, the issuance of cards for scarce goods. The extreme right flank was occupied by the newspaper “Eagle” the organ of Orlovsky Branch of the Union of the Russian People. Its attorney was its publisher. Ya.k. Oranges. Its publication was aimed primarily at supporting true Russian spirit and uncompromising criticism of everything that could defile. The main themes of the newspaper were two: the struggle for the church piety in the parishes of the province (the correctness of the services, the device choir, etc.), and exposing the “machinations of Russia’s main enemies the Jews,” as within the province, and across the country.

Occupying right-wing radicals positions, the newspaper “Eagle” often criticized the local administration and even the government, stating that all the representatives of power deserve censure, who do not sympathize with the hopes and hopes of the Union of the Russian People. The editorial position of the editorial board manifested itself even in the vocabulary used. The newspaper criticized other publications for using foreign words, incomprehensible to the simple Russian man, and she set an example desirable word usage. So, the printing “Eagle” was called printing, and denatured alcohol “garlic spirit”.